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Meet our Team

Tari Popp
Tari (pronounced "Teri") Popp is the Director here in the Office of Planned Giving & Trust Services, and she loves Andrews University. While other alumni have chosen to serve all over the world, Tari decided to put her roots down deep in Southwestern Michigan and to contribute her talents and strengths to her alma mater. After a career of many years, Tari is still proud to be associated with this great school and its mission.

Tari is married to Doug Popp (who like her, is a graduate of the School of Business). They have one daughter, Lauren. Both Lauren and her husband are also proud graduates of Andrews University. Tari loves hanging out with her family and friends best, but also enjoys boating, reading, walking, traveling, decorating, snowmobiling, motorcycle riding, and bringing order to a mess!

Doug and Tari made a decision while they were still in their 40s to have the Andrews University Planned Giving & Trust Services personnel, along with estate planning attorneys, help them through the process of setting up an estate plan. They wanted to make sure that Lauren would be cared for if they were no longer around, and that Andrews University would be blessed as well. "It feels great to know our estate plan is in place and that both Lauren and Andrews University are remembered." says Tari, "I love helping others have the satisfaction of accomplishing the same thing."

If you ever need to contact Tari, she can be reached at 269-471-3613 or

Phyllis Inglish
Phyllis Inglish is the Assistant Director for Trust Administration here in the Office of Planned Giving & Trust Services. Because her father spent fifty years in Adventist education, Phyllis grew up in a home where Christian education was greatly valued. Having also lived ten years of her childhood overseas in Indonesia and Singapore, Phyllis learned to appreciate diversity as well. It seems a natural fit then for her to be employed at Andrews University, known for its excellent Christian education and international student body.

Phyllis is fairly new to the world of planned giving, but has been an accounting professional for many years. She's a Certified Public Accountant and has worked in risk management, auditing, health care and senior services. She drives to work each day from Elkhart, IN where she lives with her husband, Rick, who is a nurse. They have two children; Gavin, who is a student at Andrews University, and Elise, who is a senior at Indiana Academy. When Phyllis has free time, you can find her curled up with an interesting book, in the kitchen making something delicious, or working on a project at her sewing machine.

When their children were young, Phyllis and Rick made sure they had their estate plan in place. It gave them peace of mind to know that Gavin and Elise would be cared for if something were to happen to them. Now that Phyllis works here in the Office of Planned Giving & Trust Services, she is enjoying the part she plays in helping others make plans for their families as well as the future students of Andrews University.

If you ever need to contact Phyllis, she can be reached at 269-471-3613 or